Monday, January 30, 2006

My Introduction and Yarn Choice..

Howdie : )

My name (incase you haven't guessed by now) is Kim, and I've been dreaming of this sweater since October when I saw it in a magazine ad durring a trip to my favorite yarn store.. Since then I have been enamoured with the very idea of this sweater.. I just had to have it!

I don't know when I will be casting on, but I will tell you that I have my yarn and my pattern and it shouldn't be too long.. All I have to wrestle with is the fact that I have another sweater that is dangerously close to becoming a UFO. Finishing it wouldn't take too terribly long, and it would free up some guilt.. lol.


After investigating some options.. and finding out that I actually can knit with wool(!!), I settled with Aurora 8.. and got Color 20, which is dark teal.. and soooo pretty.. I think it'll do great with this sweater..

I'm excited to get started.. a little scared.. and looking forward to picking out some great buttons!


Blogger Laura said...

It's a gorgeous sweater, and I think I recognize it, but I have no idea where to get it. Who designed it?

10:02 PM  

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