Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've Jumped In.. Whose With Me?

Howdie : )

After having failed my own personal Olympic challenge I decided that it was time to cast on for my Travelling Cables Cardigan.. So I did!

Kim's TCC

I've knit my way through the decreases in the back, now it's time for increasing and "curving the cable lines".

It really hasn't been as hard as I thought it might be so far.. But I'm not willing to say that it's easy either. I think there are plenty of knitters that can handle this though.. especially if I'm working my way through it!

Before I cast on I emailed Karabella Yarns:

Hello there : )

My name is Kim and I've purchased your Travelling Cables Cardigan pattern and 13 balls of Aurora 8. (The yarn is beautiful by the way) and I just have a few questions to ask before I start.

Have there been any corrections to this pattern that I need to know before I start?

How much ease is this sweater designed to have? I would be knitting the smallest size (34") but I'm worried that even that will be too big for me. My bust size is 28".

I have started a knit along blog for this sweater and I wanted to make sure that it is ok with you guys that I'm using the image of the sweater on the KAL blog. The blog can be found at: and if you want to be super helpful you could let the designer of this pattern know and maybe he/she will join to help us out with the pattern!

Thank you for your time and a great pattern!

Hi Kim,

We received your email. Thank you for your interest in your yarns and this pattern.

The pattern has been out for over a year and there have been no corrections thus far. It is just fine with us that you are using our image for your blog. The cardigan was designed for a roomy fit since it is to be worn as a jacket. I think the small size would be fine and I hope it knits up beautifully for you.

Best of luck on your blog and happy knitting!

So we shall see if the sweater swallows my tiny frame when I get it done.. Once I get more into the back I'm going to measure some of my jackets and compare the measurement to the back of the cardigan.. Hopefully it'll be allright.. I don't want to give this sweater away when I'm finished.. I will make it work for me!

I hope this knit along picks up now that the Olympics are over with.. We need some more members here! Don't forget that if you want to join you can just email me!

I will be updating again soon, and I declare this KAL officially started!



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