Saturday, April 01, 2006

Progress Update!

Howdie : )

I've been doing some knitting on my TCC so I figured it was time for an update and a picture!

I'm on the last repeat of "curving the cable lines".. and then comes the shoulder shaping. I was unsure the first time about one side of the new stitches. If that makes any sense.. it just looked a little funny when I formed the actual cable after making the stitches on one of the sides... but now that I've done it two more times it doesn't look so bad.

And on another positive note.. I'm more confident now that this sweater is going to fit me how I want it too.. I measured a blazer that I have that is shaped very similar to this sweater and it measures out to the same measurements in the schematic. My actual knitting right now is a tad smaller.. but I accounted for that in my swatch. This yarn grows when it gets wet! (Very good to know beforehand by the way.)

So I'm feeling good about it.. and I think it's looking right so far..

Just moving right a long with it : ) How are you guys doing?


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