Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Left Front.. Complete!

A couple of days ago I completed my left front... wanna see?

I'm very much uncomitted to it though.. I haven't removed my life lines.. and I haven't cut the yarn.. I put the last stitch on a safety-pin.. and it might just stay that way for a while.

I was very unsure about the short-rows in the collar. For anyone else who has finished: what was the ending result of that for you? Mine ended up that I have an inch more collar towards the shoulder.

The short rows also threw off the moss stitch pattern for me.. but I just went ahead with it anyway.. I figured that the outside edge of the collar will fold over that part and you won't see it.

The really scary part comes with the Right front.. have any of you written out the directions for it yet? I have decided that this is the only way to go for me.. because I won't be able to keep track of everything otherwise.

I am scared.. but I have quite a bit of free time this weekend to type out the pattern for myself.. (Unless ofcourse someone else has already done it and is willing to send it to me, in which case I'd have lots of knitting time instead!)


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