Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Just Joined

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Hi Everyone! I just joined this KAL and thought I'd post my progress. I started this sweater for the Red Sweater KAL and Jo was kind enough to let me know about this one. So this sweater is a KAL twofer. I am knitting her out of some Nature Spun I had in my stash. She is very bright but I like her. I'm just starting the front and I noticed I didn't do the moss stitch as it is in the pattern. Oh well, I'm not starting over. I knit more of a pebble stitch than a moss stitch. Thats what I get for knitting in a hurry.


Blogger Jo said...

Hi Jan, over here! Lovely you got here for the KAL. I know what you mean about moss stitch - to me that is officially change and change about on every single row, whereas the pattern here is really double moss, but who cares. If you get a nice texture, it works!

And you're ahead of me! That's what you get as a reward for having only WIP at a time, I guess...
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1:07 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

Hey, who gets the coffee on this S'n'B session anyway?

1:08 PM  

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