Monday, December 11, 2006

A Slow KALer..

Howdie : )

It has been a while.. I've been a bad blogger/emailer in general lately.. I find that I have a lot of things to do that have nothing to do with the computer at all.. and I am very distracted by my new baby Alfie.

But I have been slowly knitting and toiling away on my TCC. When I last posted I had both of my fronts done, which completed the body.. Currently I have one totally completed sleeve and one that is up to the shoulder shaping. Here's a finished sleeve:

I did figure out how to knit the sleeve in the round.. it really wasn't hard.. although there was some ripping back I'd rather not talk about ; )

I am procrastinating very very badly with the second sleeve, because I cannot figure out for sure if I am going to want another inch of length. I know for a fact that even if every other part of the sweater is perfect in every way, I still will not wear it if I deem the sleeves too short. I like my sleeves to go over my hand about half way, (The way it is on the model on the pattern page) which means I knit sleeves pretty long.. I don't know if the construction of this sweater will make the sleeves the "right" length on me or not.. and I haven't decided if I can block another inch into them if it turns out I want to.

Someone suggested that I just try blocking the completed sleeve to see what happens.. but I am so gun-shy on blocking with a baby kitten in the house it isn't even funny. I keep hoping for a good long weekend at home where I can babysit him and keep him off my dang sweater as it dries.. but I have had no such weekend.

All of this aside.. I am dang determined to get this sweater FINISHED before it gets super hard cold around here.. so I can wear it THIS winter. I just hope my procrastination doesn't get the better of me.

Have any of you thought about seaming this thing at all? The thought of it honestly terrifies me. I don't know what stitch to use because seaming moss-stitch doesn't really make sense to me. And the construction of this sweater is pretty odd if you ask me.

After all this knitting and it all coming out fine.. I still find little things to worry about and stop me in my tracks.. I need to decide to get it done and get it over with.. but I do want to do it right and I want a beautiful sweater in the end, above all.

So, any tips or comments of encouragement are very very welcome. (Threats if the sweater isn't complete soon are also welcome.)


Blogger Jan said...

Thats a lovely color! You were smart knitting the sleeves in the round, less seaming. I'm planning on seaming mine with mattress stitch if that helps at all.

7:04 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Oh boy now I AM getting nervous. What's all this about a strange construction? Sleeve length? Seaming up? And I thought it was all going to be happy plain sailing!
(It's like horror stories in the doctor's waiting room, isn't it? Those who have been through it positively revel in terrifying those still to undergo). STOP it, y'hear?
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1:10 PM  

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