Sunday, December 10, 2006

Moving along nicely

I can't believe it but this pattern is actually working out quite easily so far - there may well be rapids ahead, but at present we're in calm smooth water.

The cashmere/silk seems to be enjoying itself too, giving wonderful stitch definition and altogether behaving like the upper-class creature it is.

I love the way the cables come closer together in the middle, forming a little flare or bustle at centre back. The next stage is to start them travelling outwards. I assumed this would have to be via the usual method of painstakingly cabling sideways, but to my delight I discovered that it's all done by increases and decreases on either side of the moving cable. So much easier and simpler - why didn't I think of it instead of Karabella? (I don't think, somehow, that I'm cut out for knit design, though - you need to have a certain kind of mathematical brilliance, I think, and the capacity to see ahead to a finished product - neither of which I possess.)

Anyway, it's progressing just fine. I've ordered dozens more of my friends to come on over here immediately and join up as well, and if I don't see their contributions posted soon, there is going to be trouble!


Blogger Kim said...

Wow.. you're doing great so far! I can't really think of any hangups exactly with the pattern.. you just have to keep track of everything and it gets to be a pain some times.. Just make sure you read ahead before you start anything new.. Don't miss any "AT THE SAME TIME"s and you should be fine.. Anyone who knits this sweater needs a very trusty row counter, that is for sure.

I plan to post my progress very soon, thanks for asking and putting a fire under my hiney.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Jan said...

That looks lovely jo!

6:55 AM  
Blogger Jo said...

Oh I love that AT THE SAME TIME trick! You're really chuffed because you've got another whole pattern repeat done before it's time to start getting dinner ready, and only then do you spot the happy little reminder BELOW all those instructions...

Why don't they put it first? Like, 'Now listen, you lot, you're going to start a new pattern now, but you're going to be decreasing (increasing, binding off, dancing the cachuca, whatever) at the same time, so read it ALL, OK?'... That would be helpful.

1:13 PM  

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