Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yo! I'm up and running and in there at LAST!

Yep, thanks to the adorable, the veritably angelic Angeluna, I now have the pattern and I'm ready to go. More than that, I've already started!

Now now, no need to scorn. I only found the pattern in my letterbox when I got home this wild and windy raindrenched night, and it's just after 9 pm now, so I didn't do too badly. I'm making it in some of my very special stash of cashmere and silk yarn in natural. This is that famous yarn I occasionally list on eBay when I can bear to let some of it go, and its most famous attribute is that when you first wash it (on the cone it has this dressing that looms demand for smooth working, so it needs washing), it immediately gives off a strong odour of - well, not to put too fine a point on it - the manure heap. Don't know whether it's the cashmere 50% or the silk 50% but pong it definitely does. Fine after that though, soft and aristocratic and entirely ideal for this beautiful pattern.

When I tried a swatch on the recommended 4.5mm needles, it came out a little larger than the indicated four inches which was fine by me. I'm following it for the smallest size, and I estimate it will actually be one of the larger measurements. Just done the two preliminary rows of rib and then it's on to the cables. Anything I ought to know about in advance here? Danger signs ahead, road works, diversions, disasters? Tell me now! I'm only getting into first gear!



Blogger Jan said...

Hi Jo, I had to come see you over here! It sounds like your yarn is much nicer than mine. I have the old stand-bye Nature spun while you have posh yarn. I am a lazy slug but this time I helped myself without even knowing it. Thanks for the heads-up!

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